Professional Email Addresses are a Must

Email_IconProfessional email addresses are a must in today’s networking and business world.

When choosing a company to handle my business I, like most people, want to be sure that they are able to handle the business I send their way. I look at their website. I check out any social media accounts associated with them. I look at their LinkedIn business profile. I pull up the contact info to call or email them the specs associated with the work.

This is where it gets hinky.

If I see a professional organization represented on my screen, I expect to see professional email address with a personalized domain. If a business is using a gmail account I wonder if it’s a guy in his garage or, worse, his mother’s basement. Don’t get me started with yahoo or aol accounts – and yes – they do exist. -vs-

Google is a wonder for small businesses. If you own your domain {meaning you have your own .com} you can turn your generic gmail account into a custom account with your domain in the address. It’s so cheap it might as well be free and it takes about 5 minutes of your time. Why be when you could be Custom email addresses finish the idea that your company is legit and ready to handle all the business coming its way.